PROtech air cooled chiller 2–313 kW


  • Piston or scroll type compressors
  • Single or double cooling units
  • Highly efficient shell & tube type evaporator
  • Condenser air filter can be removed for cleaning
  • Large condenser surface provides required capacity in high ambient temperatures

Technical Features

  • Compressor, water pump and fan protected by thermal fuses and circuit breakers
  • High capacity centrifugal type pump
  • Durable galvanised stainless steel frame sealed with baked powder polyester paint
  • Stainless steel insulated water tank
  • Protected against voltage irregularity (+ / – 15%) with phase failure protection
  • Water temperature and visual/audible alarm parameters
  • High and low pressure switch for refrigerant gases


The PROtech air cooled chiller combines exceptional high efficiency cooling with very low power consumption.

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