Extrusion Control Blenders – OPTIX up to 1500 Kg/h

Extrusion Control Blender Range

  • Gravimetric batch blender with loss-in weight extrusion control
  • Throughput up to 1500 Kg/hr
  • Maximum of 12 components of varying bulk densities
  • Accuracy of up to +/- 0.5% of target set point
  • Combines batch blending with loss-in-weight control
  • Suitable for blown film applications

Technical Features

  • Robust steel mechanical construction
  • Superior weighing & mixing
  • High speed processor
  • Instant response to process disturbances
  • Patented reverse flight auger for superior material mixing
  • Built-in trending & data history
  • Rapid response control algorithm


Specially designed for extrusion applications, the OPTIX Extrusion Control Blender range incorporates patented insight-enabled technology, based on Industry 4.0 platform. Enhanced functionality provides superior accuracy, blend ratios and mixing homogeneity, currently unmatched by competitors. The extrusion control blenders combine precise gravimetric batch blending with integrated extrusion control resulting in ultra fast throughput measurement and control of the extrusion process.

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