Volumetric Dosing Units

Volumetric Dosing Unit Range

  • Injection and extrusion
  • 3 models – Colour 1, 2, and XT
  • Throughput of 0.08g-120Kg p/h
  • Standard or bespoke throat adaptors

Technical Features

  • Screw sizes 12mm – 24mm
  • Screw pitch 8mm
  • Brushless motor
  • Hopper capacity 4Ltr – 8Ltr -15Ltr
  • 60dB
  • 230v / 50Hz


Volumetric dosing units are suitable for granular additive and masterbatch dosing in extrusion or injection processes within the plastic industry. Digital regulation and easy control display with brushless step motor. Memory programmable recipes and RPM link control from machine screw back signal.

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If you’d like to get a quote for our volumetric masterbatch dosing units, please give our friendly team of engineers a call on 01844 339044. We’ve invested in industry-leading stock and quote software in order to turn around requests quickly and efficiently.

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