Air Blast and Adiabatic Coolers

Our air blast free coolers are supplied by world-leading manufacturer Nova Frigo. Used for hydraulic cooling or to assist chillers when the ambient temperature is low, free air coolers are extremely efficient and can achieve up to 80% energy savings. We offer a wide range of cooling capacity units ranging from 10 – 1000kW, from dry coolers to modular and axial air blast coolers with optional adiabatic cooling. Return on investment is typically less than 24 months.

For more information on our range of Air Blast and Adiabatic coolers, please see the links below:

• Dry Cooler 204kW – 930kW
• Modular Air Blast Cooler 35 – 175kW
• Axial Air Blast Cooler 35 – 210kW

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