Big Bag Frames

Big Bag Frames Range

  • Big bag unloading
  • Powder, granular or flake material
  • Weigh cells
  • Screw feed discharge
  • Forklift loading
  • Crane loading

Technical Features

  • Materials can be conveyed by ‘vibration’, ‘screw’, or ‘gravity’
  • Fully controlled weigh cells with full data logging for material usage – optional
  • Discharge bins available in either aluminium or stainless steel
  • Low level sensors – optional
  • 60 degree cone for poorly flowing materials


We supply a wide range of big bag frames, built to the highest standards by industry leading manufacturer Lorandi Silos. The frames can be manufactured for fork truck or crane loading and unloading by screw conveyors, gravity discharge or vacuum and pneumatic conveying systems.

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If you’d like to get a quote for our big bag frames, please give our friendly team of engineers a call on 01844 339044. We’ve invested in industry-leading stock and quote software in order to turn around requests quickly and efficiently.

Got a more complex project that you need help with? No problem – simply give us a call on the same number so that we can discuss your particular requirements in detail.




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